HERE Annual Conference (Brussels, Belgium, 11-12 December 2017)

On 11-12 December 2017 Higher Education Reform Experts’ Annual Conference on the theme “EU and its neighbours: Higher education policy and cooperation” took place in Brussels, Belgium.

More than 140 participants from 28 Partner Countries attended the event, including HEREs and NEO representatives.

Mr. Mirzoev H., Mr. Gadoev B. national experts on reforming of HE at the head of the National Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Programme in Tajikistan Сzarina Nuridinova took part in the annual conference.

The objectives of the conference:

  • Take stock of the HERE activities from 2017, and more generally the achievements and lessons learnt since 2015
  • Provide HERE with an opportunity to showcase national activities and results to an international policy audience
  • Discuss the goals of the EU’s Renewed Agenda and its potential relevance for the context of the countries neighbouring the EU
  • Highlight the role of student HERE in contributing to HE reform

More detailed information about the conference at the site: