“Capacity Building in Higher education and Credit mobility»

June 20-21,  2019 National Erasmus + office in Tajikistan spent Information Day, which was dedicated to the European Union’s Erasmus+ program in the field of higher education.

Wider Goal:

Support quality assurance; strengthen international cooperation, increase academic and student mobilities as well as cultural exchange between academic staff and students of Khorog State University etc.


Specific goals:

Introduce the participants with:

  • Opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ Programme under all Actions i.e. CBHE and mobility;
  • Present the results and projects with participation of Khorog State University under Erasmus+ CBHE and mobility projects;
  • Presentation of the new E+ CBHE project on Modernisation of higher education in Central Asia Through new technologies (Hiedtec) with participation of Khorog State University;
  • Presentation of the new E+ CBHE project on UNiversity Cooperation Framework for Knowledge Transfer in Central Asia and China (UNICAC) with participation of Khorog State University ;
  • Development of internal quality assurance system in HEIs of Tajikistan: experience and best practice of EU universities;


  • Familiarized with the opportunities provided by Erasmus+ programme i.e. application process, priorities and other useful tips.
  • Learnt of the CBHE projects with participation of Khorog state university i.e. project objectives, activities planned and expected outcomes;
  • Learnt of the practice and experience of the internal quality assurance systems introduced and applied in EU universities.


  • Teaching and academic staff of Khorog State University;
  • Students, masters and scholars.

Place: Conference room, Khorog State University 28, Lenin street, Khorog