Development of Engineering Teaching through the New Pedagogy Approaches in Higher Education Institutions of Tajikistan

The EXTEND project “Advanced training in engineering education through the training of teachers and the use of new pedagogical approaches in Russia and Tajikistan (EXTEND) is supported by Erasmus +. The project participants are four European universities, four universities in Russia and four universities in Tajikistan.
The conference will be held on June 25-26, 2019 in Dushanbe at the Tajik National University and the Technological University of Tajikistan. The main goal of the Conference is to inform the general public about the goals, objectives and achievements of the project, it is expected to discuss the impact of the EXTEND project on the development of engineering pedagogy in Tajikistan, and plans to further promote the best European practices in the educational structure of Tajikistan.
Scientists, teachers, students and specialists are invited to participate in the conference. We invite you to make presentations in sections:
1. Theoretical and practical issues of engineering pedagogy
2. Information and communication technologies in education
3. Use of new educational technologies