Consultative workshop for Presentation of findings and results of LMR&TNA survey

On July 10, 2019, Consultative workshop for Presentation of findings and results of LMR&TNA survey was held in  Hilton Dushanbe.

In line with the project work plan and the result area 2 of the project ToR for studying the expectations and demands of the real economy sectors of IVET qualifications, and the result area 4 for defining the needs of capacity development of employers’ representatives to become an active part of the IVET supply, the project has conducted a research among the employers in Tajikistan. The research was implemented on the base of a questionnaire – face-to-face and electronically, web-based. In parallel, the project has taken several structured interviews with key employers in Tajikistan selected by the three nationally recognised employers organisations in the country. The results were analyzed, and the project will disseminate the results on the consultative workshop with the representatives of employers and the IVET system, aiming also to validate LMR&TNA survey results and verify the findings. Together with our counterparts, the workshop participants will draw conclusions and recommendations optimizing the partnership models and improvement of cooperation between the IVET system players in Tajikistan and the real economy sectors.

The Workshop is organising as a joint event between the IVET professionals and employers to exchange ideas and agree common solutions for improvement of relationship, as well as common approaches for improvement of employers’ competences and capacity for successful participation in IVET process.