General Information on the Country

The Republic of Tajikistan is situated in the South East of Central Asia with a surface area of 143, 1 million square km. Population is 6, 7 million. The capital of the Republic of Tajikistan is the city of Dushanbe with a population of 900.000. In the West and North the territory of Tajikistan borders with the Republic of Uzbekistan (1 161 km) and Kyrgyz Republic (870 km).

In the South the territory borders with Afghanistan (1206 km) and in the East with China (414 km). The total length of all borders is 3651 km. 93% of the country is mountainous territory, part of the highest mountain systems of Central Asia: Tian-Shan and Pamir. The highest peak is Ismoili Somoni (7495 m.). On September 9, 1991 the independence of Tajikistan was declared. In 1992 Tajikistan joined the United Nation. The Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan was adopted in 1994.

The highest legislated body is Majlisi Oli. Since 1994 the president is Emomali Rahmonov. The administrative territorial structure of the Republic of Tajikistan includes the autonomous region of Kuhistoni Badakhshon, Sughd and Khatlon regions, 51 rural areas and 22 cities. 72 % of population lives in rural area, the remainder (28 %) live in urban area. Native inhabitants of Tajikistan are Tajiks who constitute the majority of population (80 %). At present, representatives of more then 100 ethnic groups are living here, among them Uzbeks (15, 3 %), Kyrgyz (1,1 %), Russians (1,1 %), Turkmens (0,3 %) and others.